Become a Mentee

If you are new to the educational facilities industry or you have recently changed positions in facilities and are seeking the wisdom and guidance of someone in the industry; or if you aren’t sure what professional development and networking steps you should take to grow in your profession, then pairing up with a mentor may be just what you need to help you develop and advance in your facilities profession.  

If you become a mentee, the commitment has no boundaries; you and your mentor can agree on how and when you connect and you can develop shared expectations for your relationship.

As a mentee, you should be ready to:

  • Share your thoughts and goals for your future
  • Be open to new perspectives
  • Take responsibility for your own development
  • Accept and understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement and advancement
  • List and accept the feedback provided
  • And more!

Go to Mentorship Resources or "Mentoring: What is it and are you Ready?" for more information about the roles and benefits of becoming a mentee.

Mentee application