Best Practices for Business Partners


As a Business Partner (BP) of ERAPPA, your company is expected to embrace the ERAPPA goals to support the educations of its members and the advancement of facilities management.

The focus of conferences, webinars and seminars is education, not sales; although sales activities can occur, they should be supporting and ancillary to education, and not detract from it. ERAPPA appreciates those BPs who sponsor and participate in conferences, webinars and similar educations events. ERAPPA strongly discourages “sales pitches” by BPs at ERAPPA events.

BPs are often entrusted with documents such as membership lists and conference attendee lists. This trust is based upon the expectation that BPs will not use these lists for widespread email blasts or sales campaigns. Selected and restrained use of these lists are acceptable if used in a responsible manner. Irresponsible uses of mailing lists may result in BPs earning a negative reputation from ERAPPA members and limitations placed on participation. BPs are encouraged to engage other ERAPPA members through participation and networking at events.

Sponsorship of an event, or speaking at a conference should not be viewed as a Quid Pro Quo situation. Sponsorships, speaking opportunities are to promote the education and outreach function of ERAPPA and BPs should not expect a guarantee of work to follow such engagements.


Purpose: All BPs attending an ERAPPA conference are expected to comply with the ERAPPA Business Partner Code of Ethics. When in doubt, BP’s have the responsibility to seek clarification from ERAPPA or the Conference Host Committee.


  • ERAPPA Business Partners members shall treat Institutional Members, Host Committee Members, Conference Staff, and each other with respect. Keep in mind that this event is organized and staffed by volunteers. Aggressive, intimidating, or rude behaviors will not be tolerated.
  • All Exhibiting BPs Partners must read and abide by the Exhibitor Agreement.
  • Partnering with institutions on successes is highly encouraged, and greatly increases the odds that a proposed topic will be selected for presentation. 

Private Events

  • If a Business Partner wishes to schedule a private event, please schedule it outside of the publically scheduled conference event times, so as to not draw people away from conference events. Please refer to the conference schedule.
  • Any event scheduled inside the conference hotel(s) must be coordinated with the Host Committee. Please contact the Conference Planner for instructions on how to do secure spaces and coordinate with the hotel.


  • The ERAPPA Conference is supported in large part through the generous sponsorships of its Business Partners. Those BPs who are sponsors are welcome to speak with other attendees about the products and services that they provide, exchange contact information, and otherwise solicit business from institutional representatives. Other business firms are permitted to register as attendees for the conference without sponsorship. However, in fairness to the sponsoring firms, representatives of non-sponsoring firms are asked to refrain from promoting their products and services in a public manner during the conference.
  • The Trade Show area or Hall of Resources is the only appropriate area for soliciting attendees. Meals and social events are meant to be a relaxed atmosphere and should not be a place to do business.

Mailing Lists

  • Only certain levels of sponsorship are provided mailing lists in advance. Please consider this when selecting your level of sponsorship.
  • Please limit the number of mailings made to attendees. It is recommended that no more than one mailing prior and one mailing after the conference per Business Partner should be made.
  • Redistributing the mailing list is strictly prohibited.

Fair Dealing

  • Business Partners shall endeavor to deal fairly with members, competitors, vendors, and other Business Partners. No member shall take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practice.
  • Sponsorships do not entitle Business Partners to a speaking/presenting opportunity at the conference.
  • Presentations made by BP’s shall not be proprietary or sales in nature.
  • Refer to the speakers’ code of conduct for further information.


  • BPs should refer to the rules and requirements of each specific Conference event for additional information.
  • BP memberships in APPA or the various local Chapters of ERAPPA (e.g., Southern New England, Northern New England, New Jersey, Atlantic Provinces, etc.) are not automatically included with your membership in ERAPPA. Each membership is separate and has its own dues structure. The converse is also true, membership in a Chapter or APPA does not automatically give a BP firm membership in ERAPPA.