APPA-ERAPPA Mentorship Program

The Eastern Region of APPA (ERAPPA) invites you to become engaged in the future of the educational facilities profession by becoming a Mentor or Mentee.  

The program offers the opportunity:

  • For members to engage with other educational facilities professionals
  • To learn and share information about APPA and ERAPPA and how to get the most out of membership and educational programming
  • To bridge young and/or emerging professionals with seasoned professionals
  • To share successes and lessons learned
  • To share and support professional development
  • For guidance and information
  • To network and engage in career prospects
  • To have fun and build everlasting relationships

So ask yourself - Are you ready to mentor a colleague who is developing their career path? Are you ready to be a mentee to a colleague who can share valuable experiences you won't learn in a book? If so, complete an application and join APPA's Mentoring Community.  This program will provide you with the platform to develop a mentoring partnership.

The application process goes through APPA.  If interested, follow this link:  APPA Mentorship Program .  Once you have submitted your form, a member of the APPA staff will contact you.

Once you become a mentor or mentee:

  • Consider presenting at an ERAPPA Annual Conference or at your local Chapter level to share lessons learned.
  • Be willing to share your mentorship experience to the ERAPPA Board so we may learn how to improve the program.
  • Mentors and Mentees will be recognized at the ERAPPA Annual Meeting.

Go to Mentorship Resources or "Mentoring: What is it and are you Ready?" for more information about the roles and benefits of becoming a mentee.