Notice of By-law Change - ERAPPA

ERAPPA, like all non-profit organizations, has bylaws - a set of rules which governs things like membership, board or director's powers, duties and composition, organizational officers and their duties, financial administration, and rules for making bylaw changes or amendments. ERAPPA’s bylaws exist as a foundational framework, or playbook, that describes how the organization will operate to guarantee honesty, transparency and accountability. The current bylaws are available on the ERAPPA web site.

The ERAPPA Board has conducted a review of the bylaws and is suggesting a number of modifications to reflect how the organization has changed. The edits fall into two categories: minor edits, renaming of an existing committees purpose, and clarification of structuring of a certain action addressed by the board. 

The minor edits are:

1) The Vice president for Professional Development will chair the Professional Development Committee. Previously it was the education committee, this is a correction for clarification.
The Vice President for Membership will chair the Scholarship Committee. Previously it was stated this position would chair the Awards and Scholarship Committee.

The other item of note was the correction related to the duties of the President Elect. We have added into his/her duties the position of Chair of the Annual ERAPPA awards Committee. This a formalization of and existing practice.

This link will take you to the entire bylaws with the edits highlighted. We will be voting on these proposed changes at the Annual Business Meeting Tuesday, October 18, 2016 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.