2016 ERAPPA Elections!

2016 ERAPPA Elections!

This October 18th, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada ERAPPA will be holding its annual election at the Tuesday afternoon business meeting. This is an extremely vibrant and energized organization, which is continually looking for new leadership from its region to carry forward the great work it continually strives to accomplish. If you have any interest in any of the open positions listed below, please contact your chapter president and he/she will forward your name for consideration

If you feel now is not the time for you but would like to get more involved, there are many committee positions available that would be an alternative. 

The positions open in 2016 are: 

- President Elect

- Secretary
- Vice President for Annual Meetings
- Vice President for Membership
- Vice President for Professional Development

We all look forward to seeing each and every one of you in October at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Niagara Falls! 

Dale DeBlois 
Past ERAPPA President