How to log into the ERAPPA membership section

Creating a login ID and password to the ERAPPA members only section is easy just follow the following steps:

1) Navigate to the ERAPPA website and click on the Register in the top right hand side of the ERAPPA home page

2) Fill in all the fields, select your chapter pick your ID and password

3) Answer the spam check question and select Register

What happens to this information ?

A message is sent to the ERAPPA membership committee member from your chapter to approve your registration.  To do this they will be confirming that your institution is a current ERAPPA member in good standing.

Once they have confirmed this and approve your registration on the email they received you will receive an email from the system confirming your registration.  Return to the website and select the member log in to the left of the register button and enter your ID and password you created.  Select Log In located below the password button.

If you have forgotten your username or password use the links on this page to request this information or reset your password.

If you are still having problems please contact your chapters Technology and Communication member for assistance.

Welcome to ERAPPA's members only section get involve, meet and share information with your ERAPPA members.