President’s Message

Rick BattistoniWelcome to the website for the Northern New England Chapter Eastern Region of APPA (NNECERAPPA). The Chapter states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. As part of APPA and one of ten chapters in ERAPPA our primary goal has always been the development of Facilities Professionals. Since our inception back in 1978 NNECERAPPA promotes the learning and engagement of facilities professionals employed at various Colleges, Universities, and K-12 institutions.
At our annual business meeting on 4/19/17, the Chapter updated it’s Constitution and Bylaws. The most significant change was the decision to host one Chapter meeting per year (vs 2). Finding an institution that could host a meeting in the fall was a constant difficulty. Beginning in the spring of 2019, NNECERAPPA will host one, 2 day meeting in the Fall. UVM is currently scheduled to host this meeting. We also reduced the number of scholarships offered from 16 to 8 to account for only hosting 1 meeting/yr. Scholarships continue to be set at $2,000. Other changes included formally naming the position of “Business Partner Liaison” to the Board, changing annual membership dues from $50 to $100 and changing the fiscal year to January 1 – December 31 (to line up with tax year). Minor typographical and formatting changes were also included.
As part of ERAPPA we support regional positions and committees, actively participate at the annual ERAPPA meetings and host the annual meeting every nine years. NNECERAPPA last hosted in 2009 (Portland, ME) and will be hosting again in 2018 (Manchester, NH). We have retained an event management company, chosen a theme (REVITALIZE), are negotiating hotel room blocks and various other logistics. Plans are well underway.
Our next Chapter meeting is scheduled for 3/12/18 and be co-hosted by The Derryfield School and Southern New Hampshire University.

I encourage all members to get involved. We are always looking for new members to serve on a committees, become a Board member or host an annual meeting. Please seek out myself or any current board or committee member if you are interested or visit our website at: www.erappa/ I would like to thank all our volunteers and our energetic business partners that make our Chapter a true success. I look forward to seeing you at one of our future Chapter meetings.