APPA Effective & Innovative Practices Award

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APPA’s Effective & Innovative Practices Award recognizes programs and processes that enhance service delivery, lower costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, generate revenue, or otherwise benefit the educational institution. Award nomination entries must describe either a new program or significant restructuring of an existing program or process. Institutions submitting nominations for the award are eligible to receive up to five cash awards sponsored by Siemens each year. Awardees are recognized on APPA’s website and in APPA’s Facilities Manager magazine.  Below are ERAPPA institutions that have received this distinction:  

Year Educational Institution Topic Chapter
2020 University of Massachusetts, Lowell UMASS Lowell’s Campus Viewer SNEAPPA
2018 Brown University Preventive Maintenance Program Journey SNEAPPA
2017 The Penn State University APPA Credentialing Cohort Program KAPPA
2014 University of Pennsylvania Innovation using Lean Processes at the University of Pennsylvania’s O&M Department DVAPPA
2013 Carleton University Rating the Sustainability of Campus Facilities Management: A Foundation for Action Using ESAT OAPPA
2008 Union College Excellence Program NYAPPA
2006 Brown University Safety Fair SNEAPPA
2006 Bryn Mawr College An Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Storm Water Management DVAPPA
2005 University of Hartford Resident Facility Assistant SNEAPPA
2004 Penn State University Trash to Treasure KAPPA