Pathway to Professionalism (P2P)

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Click Here for information regarding ERAPPA’s investment for one (1) institution; for the first twenty (20) participants to host and attend APPA’s P2P (Pathway to Professionalism) Program.  First come first serve, so don’t delay!

APPA’s Pathway to Professionalism (P2P) provides a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure your employees receive relevant training from experts in the facilities management field. With P2P, you have access to APPA’s Customized Interactive Learning (CIL) platform and resources coupled with on-site or online instructor-led training at your institution or virtually. Your team will be able to learn from their colleagues in real-world discussions that are directly related to their daily work.

Because we have paired our CIL online platform with our trainers, your employees can train when – and where – it’s convenient for them. There’s no need to worry about time away from home, lost productivity, or travel expenses. P2P makes it easy for everyone while maximizing learning and minimizing costs. If you have at least 20 people to train, and a member of APPA, we’ll come to you for just $1,195/person, with no extra costs. Non-Member rate $1,395/person.

Host a P2P Program, and you’ll receive:
• Four separate days of instructor-led training at your campus exposing participants to APPA’s core areas of the Body of Knowledge;
• PowerPoint and supplemental instruction materials;
• 90 days of 24/7 access to our CIL Platform for all registered attendees providing online study tools such as practice tools, exams, recorded webinars, narrated modules of the Body of Knowledge, study manual and flashcards;
• The option for qualified attendees to take and pass the CEFP exam at no cost (plus one free retake!) within 30 days after competing 90 days of study.
• Attendance certificates are issued after each session to everyone who is present for 100% of the session. Sessions are recorded and placed on the CIL Platform if participants are unable to attend or can not attend for the full session. Attendance for all 4 sessions will result in a digital badge sent to the participant and can be shared through any social media platform.

To host a P2P Program for your campus:
1. Delegate a “Champion” to help coordinate program with Kelly Ostergrant, APPA Credentialing Coordinator.
2. Contact Kelly to determine the dates for your program. There will be 4 sessions total and can be scheduled on the days it is convenient for you. Once a week, twice a week, etc.
3. Collect a minimum of 20 names, titles and email address and have the Champion send this list to Kelly.
4. The Champion will receive an initial invoice and contract. Contracts should be signed and returned at least 30 days before the program starts. You will receive an initial invoice for 40% of the program cost for the minimum of 20 participants. A final invoice will be sent after the conclusion of the last session for the remaining amount due. This invoice will be for the remaining 60% of the program cost for 20 participants. If additional participants are added after the first invoice is generated, those costs will be reflected in the final invoice. Please Note: Once the contract has been signed and the first invoice sent you are unable to remove participants from the program. Replacing participants is allowed before the sessions begin. Keep in mind you will be charged for the minimum of 20 participants.
5. APPA will register your participants and send instructions for accessing the study materials and the agenda (including Zoom invites if holding the program virtually).
6. Sessions will be held according to the contract. All participants will have access to the CIL Platform to study for the CEFP Exam for 90 days immediately following the final session to prepare for the exam (optional). Participants taking the exam will be given 30 additional days immediately following the 90 day study time to schedule and take the CEFP Exam.