The ERAPPA Member and Community Engagement Committee’s charge is to provide strategic guidance to aid in the recruitment, retention, and growth of an actively engaged membership. This is done with the vision of providing ERAPPA members with the opportunity to engage in thoughtful relationships with other members to learn together.  The committee will take each opportunity to open communication with member institutions and encourage all to join the APPA Community.  Within this community member institutions will gain requisite knowledge values and services and have the opportunity to elevate the educational facilities professional, and to transform learning institutions.

The Committee continuously provides outreach to all regional members and reviews membership data to ensure ERAPPA is reaching out to institutions and business partners who are not members of APPA and ERAPPA; to those who have not selected regional membership (APPA-only); and to re-engage members who have dropped their memberships. The Committee works closely with other ERAPPA committees to ensure APPA and ERAPPA products and services are meeting the needs of members.

The Committee consists of representatives from each active ERAPPA chapter (and one member is appointed to serve on APPA’s Member and Community Engagement Committee). The  Committee holds monthly conference calls and has two face-to-face meetings annually – one at the ERAPPA Mid-Year-Meeting (expenses covered by ERAPPA) and the other at the ERAPPA Annual Conference (expense borne by the member’s institution.) Each Member is expected to provide feedback to their chapters on the activities, actions, and initiatives of the Committee, and to actively market and promote the value of APPA and ERAPPA membership.

For more information about the ERAPPA Membership Committee, contact the VP of ERAPPA Membership.