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ERAPPA Bylaws – Approved by Membership November 2021

December 9, 2021By-Laws UpdateA sincere thank you to the membership for taking the time to review and vote on the proposed changes to the ERAPPA By-Laws. Your input and engagement continue to be critically important to our continued success as an organization. Also, a big thank you to APPA for providing the platform and expertise to conduct this first ever ERAPPA online vote. The votes have been tallied.

Revision Item #1 – APPA Representative – PASSED

APPA has updated the Regional Junior and Senior Rep positions with a single Regional Director that will serve a 3-year term, affording more consistency for both APPA and the regions. All By-law references to the Junior and Senior Reps require updating/elimination.

· It is proposed this Regional Director be appointed by the ERAPPA President with concurrence of the ERAPPA Board.

· Further, the Regional Director to APPA will be a voting position on the APPA Board and therefore should be a voting member on the ERAPPA Board.


Revision Item #2 – Business Partner – PASSED

Several Years ago, ERAPPA formalized the contribution of our Business Partners by inviting, through appointment by the President, a Business Partner member to sit on the Board, in a non-voting capacity. That collaboration has proved to be great benefit to the organization. The current Board is proposing the association formalize this position into an elected, voting position on the Board. While the Board has always respected the advice and input of the Business Partner serving on the Board, converting this position to an elected, voting position would reinforce the value and respect of this position and appropriately acknowledge the positive contributions it makes to ERAPPA.


Revision Item #3 – Title Update – PASSED

A small but important revision, to reflect the true purpose of the position, the Board is proposing the Title of VP Chapter Affairs be updated to VP Chapter Development.