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ERAPPA Bylaws – Approved by Membership October 1 2019

Recent bylaw changes:

Notice of By-law Change – ERAPPA

Notice of By-law ChangeERAPPA, like all non-profit organizations, has bylaws – a set of rules which governs things like membership, board or director’s powers, duties and composition, organizational officers and their duties, financial administration, and rules for making bylaw changes or amendments. ERAPPA’s bylaws exist as a foundational framework, or playbook, that describes how the organization will operate to guarantee honesty, transparency and accountability. The current bylaws are available on the ERAPPA web site at for your review and reference regarding the proposed changes listed below.The ERAPPA Board has conducted a review of the bylaws and is suggesting a number of modifications to reflect how the organization has changed.The proposed revised sections are:

Multiple sections in the By-laws

 Replace “Membership” with “Member & Community Engagement”. This reflects the renaming of the Membership Committee to the Member & Community Engagement Committee.

            Sections to include:     Table of Contents “Article V, Section B, 5.

                                                Table of Contents “Article VI, Section D

                                                Article V, Section A, (6)

                                                Article V, Section B, 5

                                                Article V, Section B, 5,a

                                                Article V, Section B, 5, b

                                                Article VI Committees, first paragraph

                                                Article VI Committees, Section B

                                                Article VI Committees, Section D, 4 areas


Article III, Section C, #4 Emeritus Members – clarify selection process

Add – Emeritus Member status is considered to be a high honor that should be afforded to those retirees who have made significant contributions to ERAPPA and the facilities management profession through active participation at the chapter, region, or international level. Emeritus Member status shall be granted, upon application, by a majority vote of the Board. All Emeritus members of ERAPPA automatically become APPA Emeritus members as well. The Board shall forward any new ERAPPA Emeritus members to the APPA office.

Article III, Section C, #5 Retired Members – clarify selection process

Add – Retired Member status may be granted to an individual who has retired as a member in good standing with the approval of the majority of the ERAPPA Board, when requested.

Article V, Section B, #1 President – clarify appointments to APPA committees

(3)    Add – Shall have the authority to appoint ERAPPA members to APPA or other committees and shall advise the Board of Directors of the appointments.

We will be voting on these proposed changes at the Annual Business Meeting Tuesday, October 1, 2019 in Erie, PA USA.