Business Partner Membership

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Business Partner Membership


ERAPPA Business Partner membership is open to companies of all sizes who are interested in the facilities aspects of the education marketplace. If your business provides products and/or services in this marketplace, and you have an interest in reaching facilities managers in the educational environment from the mid-Atlantic region of the US to Eastern Canada then your company should strongly consider becoming a Business Partner member of ERAPPA.

The following will provide you with information on the benefits of Business Partner membership, the membership options, and costs, as well as links to other supporting information to answer your questions.


Some of the great reasons that our Business Partners enjoy membership with ERAPPA are:

–        Opportunities to present relevant educational programs at our Annual Conference. (Selections are made through a “Call for Papers” process.)

–        Opportunities for increased recognition through sponsorship of the ERAPPA Annual Meeting. Sponsorships are offered to Business Partner members exclusively through early release.

–        Early booth selection offered to members only.

–        Through our “Webinar Lunch and Learn” program, you will have additional opportunities to present relevant educational content offered exclusively to ERAPPA Institutional membership throughout the year. (Selections are made through a “Call for Papers” process.)

–        Assistance from our Professional Development Committee to have your educational content reviewed for Continuing Education Units (CEU) potential, through direct access to our contracted AIA Reviewer. (Applicable for Annual Conference and Webinar programs only.)

–        Our membership is like no other when it comes to open, collaborative networking. Ask any of our current Business Partner Advisory Committee members and they will tell you that through participation you will build connections with facilities professionals in the educational marketplace and increase your professional network.

–        Through our educational sessions and programs, you will be kept current with interests, innovations, and trends that impact facilities administrators in education.

Membership Options and Cost

ERAPPA is a not-for-profit entity. Both Institutional members, as well as Business Partner members, pay a membership fee.   The membership fee helps to defer costs for various educational programs and networking opportunities as well as outreach through various methods including the cost of this website.  There is sometimes confusion among members with regard to membership in a local chapter (such as SNEAPPA or NJAPPA) versus a region (such as ERAPPA) versus the overall APPA organization.  You may join as many of the nine local chapters in the Eastern Region of APPA as you wish (all governed individually) but that does not automatically cover your membership in the ERAPPA.  Likewise, membership in APPA does not automatically enroll your firm in ERAPPA (although an option exists through APPA to also join a region).

For ERAPPA Business Partner membership (not APPA membership), the dues rate is $600.00 for the year and it applies to the company (not the individual).

Membership runs April 1st – through March 31st. Please note that this is the membership rate for 2018 and is subject to change.

As our parent organization, membership applications can be accessed through the APPA website and can be found here: ERAPPA Business Partner Application. Although this is an APPA form, you may select membership for ERAPPA only at the $600.00 rate.

Need More Information?

We hope you agree that there are excellent benefits and good reasons to join! If we have not answered all of your questions regarding participation in ERAPPA (and why it’s a great idea), please feel free to reach out to any member of our Business Partner Advisory Committee or Patricia Smith, Vice President of Membership.

Become a Business Partner

Please fill out this form; the application process is handled through the APPA office:  Business Partner Membership Application

More information about business partner membership can be found on the APPA webpage at: