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Business Partners Committee Responsibilities

Charge: The role of the Business Partner Advisory Committee is to identify and promote effective means of communication and support between ERAPPA Business Partners and ERAPPA Institutional Members and to build and enhance mutually beneficial relationships. The Committee seeks to continually evaluate, validate and promote the benefits of an ERAPPA membership and the value that participation can bring to members of the business partner community. To accomplish this charge, the Committee encourages and receives feedback from all Business Partners supporting ERAPPA and its various regions. Additionally, the Committee strives to offer creative thinking and innovative ideas that support the purpose and values of the Eastern Regional Chapter of APPA.Expectations & Responsibilities of Committee Members:

Each Committee representative should begin and continue their role with a passion for the work of the Committee and provide support for the Chairperson and other Committee members alike. As with other ERAPPA committees, there is the expectation of full participation, to the maximum extent possible, in Committee meetings, held twelve (12) times each year. Within its twelve meetings, one face-to-face meeting will be held in conjunction with ERAPPA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition. The remaining meetings will be held via conference call. In addition, if a BP Committee member has shared responsibilities with another ERAPPA Committee, attendance at the Mid-Year Planning Meeting, and an additional ten (10) conference calls are expected.

If for some reason the committee member is unable to attend meetings, he or she should communicate their absence to the Chairperson in advance and provide a chapter update. To ensure a balance of representation and continued flow of information to the Committee and the local chapter board, each committee member should attend their local chapter meetings and regional annual meeting and provide routine feedback to their boards on the activities, actions, and initiatives of ERAPPA’s Business Partner Committee.

Committee Structure:

Business Partner Advisory Representatives may be appointed by local Presidents that represent each of the active Chapters that Comprise the Eastern Region of APPA. Incoming presidents may choose to appoint a new Business Partner Representative at their discretion, or to continue with the representative that currently holds the position, or as specifically defined through local chapter by-laws. If the BP Committee is not robust, the Chairperson may also appoint additional members to reach a comfortable capacity, to allow for development of current initiatives and representation across the region.



The Chairperson of the Business Partner Committee is the Business Partner Liaison.

The Chairperson is a voting member of the ERAPPA Board, who acts in the capacity of liaison to provide current information on behalf of the BP membership and is responsible for communicating Board initiatives that impact ERAPPA BP Membership to the members-at-large.

The Chairperson may remain as a member of the committee after their term expires, for the purpose of information sharing and continuity (like the role of a past-president).

Committee Initiatives:

Business Partner Best Practices: As business partners, we have the ability to be key contributors to the professional development of our institutional members. It is our mission to promote professionalism and provide guidance to new business partner members, so that they embrace ERAPPA’s overall vision designed to understand the needs of its members, be a key resource for their professional development and inspire them to reach full potential as facilities management professionals.


We currently have vacancies for the following chapters: